Brighton Paintball are based at the foot of the South Downs on a 40-acre site of woodland, and are just a short drive from Brighton.

We are open for games 7 days week from 8am to 4pm everyday, except Christmas day.In the summer we offer evening games from 5pm to 9pm.

We welcome kids, individuals, corporate groups, stag and hen parties.

Booking can be paid for in either cash, or credit and debit cards.Please check our News page for latest news and more; currently we are featuring a Bulk Buy Deal, and Children’s Holidays Deals.

We have a range of themed games and also large areas of woodland for general flag to flag games.

  • Plane Crash
  • Stockade – Attack and Defend
  • The Bridge
  • The Barricade Field
  • D Day
  • Flag to Flag Woodland

Choose between a ½ day or a full day, the ½ includes 4 to 6 games of your choice, and with the full day up to 8 to 10 games are possible.In addition we are always pleased to customize rules should you have a favorite format used elsewhere or perhaps a new format you have thought up yourselves.